Who am I, and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I've had a remarkable military career that spanned 3 decades and included multiple deployments around the world (that's me in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Baghdad, Iraq).

In 2017 I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD. For decades, I'd been living with 12 symptoms that I thought were just a normal part of who I am. But I was wrong, and it cost me the most important relationships in my life.

Throughout my military career, the medical system I depended on never saw the symptoms of unresolved trauma I carried inside. Leaders emphasize physical fitness without mentioning the importance of mental fitness. Soldiers aren't trained to look for the signs, so they view trauma as a weakness. 

Like so many others before me, I learned how to "normalize" the traumatic experiences I'd had instead, and fool myself into believing that I was in control of my life. On the outside, it may have seemed that way. On the inside, my life was spiraling out of control, and the people that it affected most was my family.

The more I learned about unresolved trauma, the more I discovered how much it directs our lives and affects the people around us. Trauma is an epidemic in our society. It's in every home, in the workplace, and all over social media. Making it even worse is how we all normalize it to avoid it. 

A lesson will be taught until it is learned.

But the truth is, until we choose to see trauma differently and become an active participant in healing ourselves from within, nothing will change.  

So I stopped avoiding, took on my PTSD, and began a journey of rebuilding my life from the inside out. To heal the unresolved trauma from the past that had accumulated in my body, I found Dr. Peter Levine, got into his treatment program called Somatic Experiencing (SE) and saw results almost immediately.

But healing from the past is only half of the formula for success. While SE addressed my past, I tended to my future by surrounding myself with the most successful thought leaders I could find to teach me the mindset, habits, and skills I'd need to take my life in a new direction.

  • I found Colin Tipping, who taught me¬†an advanced spiritual method called¬†Radical Forgiveness¬†to eliminate my limiting beliefs and take back the personal power I‚Äôd been giving away for years.
  • My self-forgiveness¬†work¬†laid the foundation¬†for meeting Mike Dooley, who taught me how to reimagine my life with¬†Infinite Possibilities.
  • Finally, I met¬†Brendon Burchard, who taught me how to build¬†the extraordinary life I have today with¬†High Performance Habits.¬†

Everyone deserves a second chance in life.

Today, I'm a personal development coach in all three disciplines. It's my mission to help Veterans living with trauma rebuild deep, meaningful, and authentic relationships with themselves and the most important people in their life. 

I've combined 40+ years of military leadership with my lived trauma experiences and world-class coaching to develop a structured curriculum to teach you the advanced skills you need to take your life to more sustained levels of happiness, joy, and fulfillment over the long-term. 

Letting your trauma control you and interfere with your relationships is a choice. I found a way to heal my PTSD and build the life I have today with my amazing wife, Marcela by my side.

I want that for you too.

I believe you can have more abundance, more joy, more aliveness, more connection, and more meaning in your life.

If that sounds like the kind of life you'd like to have and you're ready to get to work, I'm ready to show you how.

Does your past interfere with having better relationships? 

Whether you're living with unresolved trauma like I used to or just want to reconnect with the most important people in your life (including yourself), download this FREE Relationship Check-in.
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